The notion of Jesus preparing breakfast is, well…right.  It feels good, and makes you smile if you allow the scene to play out.  Jesus was alive and the disciples had not yet allowed the truth of His resurrection become a part of them.  They were altered, and now had no idea how to exist.  Jesus came to them many times and said many life-changing, commission-able things.  But the one for me that lends aid to my existence is when “Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’” (John 21:12a)Image

Jesus served breakfast to His friends who were in a state of emotional and vocational limbo.  What a common, yet kind manner of soothing their fears and fueling their faith.  God is the consummate provider of what we need, when we need it—hope, comfort, wisdom, assurance, purpose.  The disciples would go on to have moments of uncertainty where they would need spiritual refueling, but what they would always remember and would be assured of was that Jesus—after dying and resurrecting—served them breakfast.

Show me the end and the measure of my days…give me wisdom and understanding…take not your Holy Spirit from me and restore to me the joy of my salvation…you have placed eternity in my heart and without condemnation you plan my days and supply every need by your grace…writing my legacy on the wall…praying for my return…and cleaning my feet, muddied from the rain soaked dirt road I insisted I walk on thinking it was a shortcut only to realize that I missed the view on the road you chose…and you wait, you always wait till I return with the fleece in your hand and a beach side breakfast.

2 responses to “Breakfast

  • Lesley

    Good Morning my Sissy. I am sitting here loving you with my coffee and wanting to come and have breakfast. Not only your words but also the picture you posted has struck me deeply as I venture into the cold water for the next phase of training today. I know He goes before me…and I will imagine you on the shore as in the picture above and be warm.

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