John 17.  I love that Jesus, on His knees before His death on the cross, in acknowledgment to the Father of all that is and will be, prayed for us.  We are those that have been given to Him and have been given eternal life through Him.  This immortality—life with no end, is far more than perpetual existence.  It is the intrinsic knowledge of “the only true God and Jesus Christ…”

But we have the mind of Christ. (2 Corinthians 2:14b)” Do we know, or live like we have been given the ability to reason, conclude, teach, and love like God.  That when we put off the desires and motivations of our individual innate natures and agree with our ownership in Christ, we become all things that the Spirit embodies.

I am becoming all the more mindful and grateful for those God has given me.  Those people that have been placed in my life, where mutual love and edification exists in divine harmony.  We all have been given those relationships of family, friends, and co-workers, where we exercise brotherly love, mentor and be mentored, submit to and rule over with a communal goal of glorifying the Son, who glorifies the Father.

Take care of them, all of them, all who I have given you.
Love them second and I will love you first.
My love is better and never needs.
My love is fruitful, always returning and sweet to satisfy.
Give them your weeks and I will give you more days.
Give them your hours and I will give you more minutes.
Give me your life…and I will give you eternity.

One response to “Eternity

  • Nyng Yang

    I really love what you wrote. Sometimes life gets busy and crazy and I forget to appreciate those that God has given me. God has a purpose for everyone who I encounter. Thank you for the reminder.

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