Monthly Archives: November 2014

New View

I sat on the sidewalk and a man asked of me, “What are you thinking and what do you see?”

“I see people wrestling and bustling about,
with demons and angels and worry and doubt.
There is little to dream on, even less to believe,
when one’s body and mind are in service to ease.”

“They huIMG_1112nt selfishly for gold, ignoring the shame,
feeding their belly with manipulation and blame.
Their pedestal is polished, their offering framed,
recognition and influence become sought after acclaim.”

“Work is traded for dreamed upon days,
of moments when life was played away.
Grace is ignored and truth is exchanged,
for a front row seat to the dance of the chained.”

“I see the liar and thief of our present and past,
approaching the Master to plead and to ask.
Are You willing to give just a little time,
that I might press and poke at their fickle minds?”

“Is there more that you see, that you think, or believe?” the man asked more resolved, staring at me.

“I think that I thought I would see more of hope,
more of bravery and strength against the slippery slope.
More of kindness and grace, a willingness to choose,
not to be offended, not afraid to lose.”

“I thought that my willingness to surrender to Love,
would give way to secrets stored in boxes above.
That my candid confession of doubt and despair,
would mean windows would open to light and fresh air.”

“And yet, when I look a bit longer embracing my sight,
I see hints of life and traces of light.
At times I see a face that welcomes the Voice,
the sound of truth, of love, of choice.”

“Maybe there’s a doorway waiting for me,
one that leads to a faith I’ve yet to see.
I long for the courage while fear ever looms,
and concede to thoughts that so easily consume.”

“But I fear not the sorrow that frequents my soul,
I give it the freedom to have and to hold.
A reflection of hope and misunderstood peace,
of quiet faith and fearless belief.”

“Let me tell you,” said the man with a careful expression, “how to see much more in your observation.”

“There is always movement in directions unseen,
giving way to purposes, plans, and schemes.
Ways are hidden and circles worn,
lives are bruised, shattered, and torn.”

“But forgiveness gives way to beauty and grace,
and the Word of truth binds all this in place.
His faith is enough, when you hesitate,
it will not relinquish your future to fate.”

“The hauntings of your past destroyed,
reflect an identity you shouldn’t avoid.
Transforming your mind, renewing your heart,
restoring your life is the Spirit’s part.”

“So now, be patient and kind and give grace to those,
who are seeking for ways to dodge the blows.
They are running fast and sleeping little,
working for a lord that is weak and contemptible.”

“The rescue is mine, I will restore this land,
every hair, every heart resides in my hand.
You love and deliver them to me in prayer,
speaking truth and trusting their life to my care.”

Painfully humbled, I tearfully prayed and asked for a longing to see others saved. In between every word, my soul dry and thirsty, was a yearning and desperate cry for mercy. Standing to leave, hand placed on my head, he leaned over quietly and kindly said,

“Give thanks for the tender care of your book,
for the bottles of tears and the wanderings you took.
Surrender to the Love that says you belong,
and allow the Author to edit your song.”

“Remember who called you, who first said hello,
who gave you a voice and the life you now know.
One that compels you to love and to live,
to surrender to truth, to withhold and to give.”

“Go now from this seat in front your mirror,
that holds you in darkness, in fear and in terror.
What you see in yourself, the contempt that you bear,
is nothing short of the devil’s well laid snare.”

“You are part of the view and part of the plan,
But you are not to be chastised and you will not be damned.
So resist now your habit of abasement and defeat,
Look now to reality and sit at His feet.”

My time on this sidewalk has come to an end.
In fear I sat down, in faith I ascend.